Language Services



To ensure highest level of services are delivered to our clients, IIS certified consecutive and simultaneous interpreters and translators are carefully selected for their advanced language skills to be the voice and ears of our clients. All of our language translators and interpreters are certified by the Dept. of State, Federal Court, and/or have degree in linguistics from an accredited university.

Our interpretation services include:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive; 
  • Whispering;
  • Relay.


IIS also provides on-site and portable simultaneous interpretation equipment and certified technicians for an event of any size. We can provide Bosch and Williams Sound systems.




IIS has a broad network of professional translators that are experts in their language, culture, and technology, which guarantees technically accurate and culturally significant digital format translation. Translation is a very thorough process that requires full attention to nuance and the ability to separate linguistic issues from policy differences. 

Understanding strict time constraints, IIS translators provide accurate translation with quick turnaround.

Our specialized translation services include:

  • Digital Documents (MS Word, PPT, PDF, etc.);
  • Personal Document;
  • Hand-Copy Document;
  • Glossary Creation.


The transcriptionists of IIS are chosen for their outstanding linguistic skills in addition to their expertise in specialized fields. Our professional and skilled transcriptionists understand how faithful and accurate transcription is essential for our clients success in their day-to-day business.

Our transcription services include:

  • Cassette Tapes;
  • VHS Tapes;
  • CDs;
  • ​DVDs;
  • MP3 Files;
  • WAV File​s.




At IIS we believe language and culture are interrelated. We provide a customized language training program for your unique learning needs by offering short-term and long-term courses, one-on-one and small group class settings. 

You can expect the following when you study with IIS:

  • Highly qualified and skilled instructors;
  • State-of-the-art technology in the classroom settings;
  • Implementation of IIS’ PPP strategy (Present,      Practice, Perform) in every instructional hour;
  • Customized, detailed, daily lesson plan tailored to individual      student’s need to ensure successful program performance      for all students;
  • Application of different teaching methodology by blending a      rich blend of authentic materials;
  • Utilization of technology and authentic online current events      to enhance training;
  • Integrated intercultural communication.


We don’t just produce bilingual, but bicultural. When learning a language also learning the culture behind the language is a major and inseparable component, as each language carries with it all of the history and culture of the area that it arises from.

Our culture training services include:

  • Hands-on and experiential practices;
  • Define culture competences by performance, not merely      knowledge;
  • Illustrate major cultural events to enhance student’s cultural      understanding;
  • Provide live exercises to illustrate the concepts being      presented;
  • Provide real-life situation scenarios; IIS staff dress in      traditional garb and only speak in the target language.