About Us

Our Goal


Our goal is to improve your organization's performance, and provide services and training for a successful business strategy. Let’s talk about how we can help your business work better.

Our Vision


IIS is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. Our philosophies define how we interact with our clients. They influence our strategic planning as well as our day-to-day objectives. Find out how we can help you and your organization today!

Business Solutions


Running a large project is not easy. With IIS you will learn solutions to common language and event management challenges. Our highly-trained staff, across many languages and cultures ,will provide quality services with best-value solutions.



At IIS we believe a clear definitive scope and fulfilling client’s requirements accurately is the key to project success. Our experienced staff will provide uncompromising quality, going above and beyond your needs to ensure customer satisfaction and accurate project timeline completion. 

Who We Are


At IIS we recognize that clear, concise linguistic and event management services are vital in today's multi-cultural, diverse society. Our staff is trained and tested for accuracy though our own culturally based language education services.   

What We Do


IIS is a language and event management services company who provides global support. Our pre-screened, native-speaking language interpreters and translators, as well as local event managers (LEMs), provide subject matter expertise thorough knowledge and keen interest. Our professional language translators, interpreters and LEMs are not only experts in the language itself, but also in culture, affairs, economics, as well as the history of the origin of language in the specified country.